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ukraine military допомога військвим


Today, the whole nation is united in the struggle for the life and freedom of Ukraine. In recent years our army has been reborn and the words “Defender of the Motherland” were fulfilled for each of us with a real, unimaginative meaning. The Ukrainian army has constant needs even though today our Defenders have better weapons and equipment than 8 years ago.

The Lifestylecamper Ukraine Charity Foundation helps to provide the military with medicines, first-aid kits, thermal underwear, military equipment, clothes, shoes and other useful things that military units ask us for.

переселенці з України


War is a great threat to the very foundation of our nation. From the first days, women and children have been in great danger. They are the most vulnerable part of the nation. It is impossible to count how many crimes against women and children were committed by the enemy of Ukraine. And it is not only the direct victims of russian aggression – thousands of women and children were forced to leave their homes and go to safer places without money, clothes, documents and the most necessary things… The situation for older persons is equally difficult, as it makes it more difficult for them to move and adapt to the terrible conditions of war.

Living in peace we care for our women, children and parents above all else. But today is the time to take care of the loved ones of the world!

We make sure that people stranded by russia’s military aggression have the most necessities like food, clothing, childcare, hygiene products, and household items.

переселенці з України
sick children


Part of the fund’s activities is humanitarian assistance to secondary schools for children with intellectual disabilities.


Children with disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders and children with Down syndrome and mental disabilities are educated and raised in this institution. The institution employs defectologists, speech therapists, and corrective teachers.


The purpose of our foundation is to care for the students of the institution and provide humanitarian assistance in the form of didactic materials, educational accessories, special toys, clothes, food, etc.

допомога тваринам


Because of the war, thousands of four-legged friends were left without homes or owners, food or medical care. Just yesterday, dogs and cats took a major place at the dinner table next to the people they love. They got the most tasty food and today fate threw them into the street, in the cold and uncertainty. A terrible situation has developed in animal shelters. They are virtually impossible to evacuate due to the inability to accommodate so many animals. Animals die of hunger and disease, and the people who remain with them go mad with despair and grief.

In peacetime, dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets are always close to us. They rejoice and give their love to us. Today we need to remain worthy of the title of “man” even in a difficult situation and be thankful for our four-legged friends. 

We help with food and medicine to shelters, evacuees and  zoo volunteers.

допомога тваринам

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