Сharitable foundation Lifestylecamper Ukraine


Charitable Foundation “Lifestylecamper Ukraine”

The fund aims

We could not stand aside and set up a fund to help those most in need in these difficult times. That is:

  • military personnel defending civilians life and freedom;
  • children with developmental disabilities requiring special care;
  • civilians who remain on the territory of Ukraine during the hostilities, sometimes without light, food and water;
  • we also provide support to pets, animal rights activists, animal shelters.
ukraine defender and son

Thousands of Ukrainians need help

Today, thousands of Ukrainians need help. Hundreds of houses were destroyed, as well as factories and office buildings, and people have to rebuild their lives from nothing in a new place. Many people lost their jobs and maintenance due to the war. And someone was injured and lost his ability to work…

Fortunately, the boundless grief of our country is met by endless human generosity! Help and support for Ukrainians come from all over the world. We are sincerely grateful to all international partners and our citizens who support people in this difficult time.

The fund goals

  • provision of IDPs with basic necessities, clothing, household items primarily for mothers with children;
  • provision of mothers with children, IDPs with means of hygiene and child care, baby food;
  • provision of servicemen with medical supplies and first aid kits;
  • provision of servicemen with European-style clothing, footwear, and ammunition;
  • provision of  servicemen and civilians in state medical institutions with means of rehabilitation after injuries;
  • animal aid.
volonteer in Ukraine

Our partners

Join us!

Become our partner in providing humanitarian aid to those whose lives depend on it!

Remember, your indifference can be the price of someone’s life.

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